Investment portfolios, annual reports, working with audit teams—when you are an MBA student in finance, these are the words you want to see in a campus job listing. And that is exactly why Hao—a Chinese student at the University of Dayton—jumped at the chance to apply for a finance internship position. 


“I found out about this job position through an MBA department newsletter email,” said Hao of applying for internship positions on campus. With help from career services and the UDayton Global office, he developed his cover letter and resume.

His credentialed application, personal letters of recommendations from two professors, and his obvious passion for finance led to an interview and, ultimately, an offer to be a Treasury Specialist Graduate Assistant at the UDayton Treasury office. 

Learning Beyond the University of Dayton Classroom

Ranked a Best Business School by U.S. News & World Report, the University of Dayton puts a strong emphasis on hands-on internship experience for students pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration. This means Hao is busy learning new ways to apply the things he has learned in the classroom and how to put finance, accounting, and time management skills into everyday practice.

His work-study assistant position puts him on the business side of UDayton, where he works with the college’s investment portfolio, audit teams, and annual report. And with the university’s large endowment—$568 million—MBA finance students like Hao get more resources and research opportunities at a campus job.  

“Don’t be shy to show yourself, especially the things you are really good at.” – Hao, Master’s in Business Administration 2021, UDayton”

Networking While Working

As Hao well knows, finding a student job in your field helps build relationships with managers and can also be a great way to network and meet fellow international students in the USA. 

In working with external investment and audit teams, Hao is making connections that may help him in his career in the future. As a graduate student, he also participates in extracurricular activities and other campus job opportunities, like Students Speak, and serves as an Orientation Leader.

“The opportunities will come and go so fast, you have to always be alert and prepared,” says Hao. “Don’t be shy to show yourself, especially the things you are really good at. Find out what difference you could give than others, what makes yourself unique.”

 From: Du học EduWin